Karachi: Kawish Television Network owner Ali Kazi turned down  Pakistan Tehreek E Insaf Chairman Imran Khan’s invitation to joint his party. Kazi claims Imran khan not clear on major Issues of Sindh, sources told Sindh Post.

Imran Khan did not make any offer, just visited Sindh’s largest media network, said PTI Source.

According to sources Imran khan with a delegation of PTI leadership called on KTN owner and a long time campaigner for change in Sindh, Mohammad Ali Kazi and offered him to join PTI for the betterment of the people of Sindh. The offer was technically turned down on policy issues of PTI about Sindh, said sources’

The sources claimed that Imran khan was heard saying ” you also want change and we want too, I will appreciate if you be on board, as you have a close grip on the issue of Sindh and you know the vein of the people” In response Kazi pointed out the policy flaws of PTI about Sindh.

Kazi was seen confident and greeted Khan with hospitality but stood clear on his stance for the people of Sindh. He told Khan, you call Karachi and Sindh, you support Kala Bagh Dam, he further pointed the flood of aliens in the province and snatching the right of the local communities.

Sources further claimed that Khan offered Mr. Kazi party Presidency in Sindh with a promise of autonomy for team formation, but Kazi restrained  to make any move at the moment.

on the other side high level sources in PTI neither rejected nor accepted the claims made by the source. PTI sources told Sindh Post that meeting was already planned but neither an offer was made to Mr Kazi nor a discussion happened about joining PTI. Imran Khan only discussed about the politics of Sindh and participation of PTI against PPP Co- Chairman Asif Zardari in up coming by elections.