Ghotki:(Maqbool Bozdar)  Politician and former MNA sardar Nabeel Gabol has warned former President of Pakistan and PPP Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari of any possible conspirachy on his return back to home. Choudhry (he did not mention any name) is behind this conspiracy, He said while addressing in a public gathering in Jarwar, a small town near Ghotki on Sunday.

Federal government is only focused on lahore, they don’t care about rest of Pakistan, said Gabol.

He suggested Asif Ali Zardari to focus lahore and activate party in Punjab. He also explained, if PPP & PTI join hands, they can send Nawaz Shareef home.

He also criticised the law of plea bargain in corruption recovery. “The corrupt leaders of Lahore throne get free even after looting billions from national exchequer but poor people face the law.” He said.

He blamed without taking any name that his people are threatned and forced not to bring me here, they must know I am good for good and worst for bad. “If you don’t let me in here, I won’t let you in Karachi” he warned.

There was no security provided by  government in the gathering. Some private guards were safeguarding, carrying latest weapons.