BY: Mohsin Mahesar
We are dwelling in a world where nations are searching the uninhabited lands and struggling to find new vistas of nature. The world is going robotic and leading towards automation at a fastest pace. Even the smallest of the countries such ss Luxemburg and israel are making headways in the scientific inventions and living a peaceful life and enjoying stability. However, in Pakistan the situation is simply quite obverse and undoubtedly worst. The so called leaders are full time busy in political wrangling and bickering. Even a madman can term them lunatic because of the way they produce their offerings with huge pomp and show with nil effect at the end.
CPEC is understood as lifeline for Pakistan and is an answer given to all the bitter worries and conundrums of embattled Baluchistan. Gwadar considered as a hub of economy and a connector to rest of the world is still dry. People there are devoid of their rudimentary right of drinking water. Well that’s baluchistan and if the much acclaimed port doesn’t have water facility for the native denizens, rest is left to reader’s imagination.
Furthermore, for heaven’s sake, understand the plight and cries of dying mothers and babies of Thar. A huge number of children are dying and have passed away simply due to scarcity of water and food. Well let’s leave it because thar is a far off area the dryness and sufferings of which are not noticed by our so called government machinery.
Around the globe, there has never been a country the capital of which is in deep crisis of water. Our politicians-how shall I put it-do not have time to think and resolve the matter on urgent basis. As the water is the fundamental necessity of all human beings; denying this right amounts to serious crime against humanity. All the dwellers of Islamabad are well aware of the fact that they are facing the worst ever shortage of water in their homes. They listen our leaders announcing our economy landing on the peak, roads being built,positing themselves as messiah for the country. While claiming their victory, they start bashing, lambasting ruthlessly all others opposing them. We witness our poor MNAs tearing down pages, pulling each others feet, criticising and projecting them worst enemies of the country. During all this fuss and melodrama, not a single word is uttered regarding the dismal governing system and unavailability of water in the capital city let alone Gwadar or Thar.
Dear incumbent leaders, if you are unable to solve the crisis of water that have made everyone’s life and livelyhood miserable, please resign and stay away from the government . Give a chance to those who literally give priority to the needs most crucial and fundamental.