A child reacts while waiting with others to be evacuated from a rebel-held sector of eastern Aleppo, Syria December 16, 2016. REUTERS/Abdalrhman Ismail

By:Mohsin Ali Mahesar

In this globalized world, where human rights are promised and pledged everywhere, Syrians are facing horrendous crises. Syria has been bleeding since long and its population is passing through worst trauma. The foreign intervention has further aggravated the plight of the natives. Unfortunately, the people of Syria are being punished, persecuted and ostracised and the condition of human and fundamental rights is abysmally low.

Currently, there are a number of varying forces at war with each other at the cost of native’s sufferings. The Assad regime backed by Iran and Russia is hell bent upon killing and dumping mercilessly everyone coming in his opposition. The big powers have not done enough to alleviate the wounds of people of Syria. Instead, they have taken the Syrian state as a battle field where they are nurturing their proxies. The UN depsite intervnning in the internal affairs of the syria has failed to halt the countries from playing dangerous games in Syria.

Furthermore, huge number of solutions have been propounded to bring peace and stability in the country. Some have suggested the ouster of Assad and exercise new election. Whereas others-pro Assad-have refused to accede to any formulas that demand overthrowing of Assad regime and installation of new government. Thus, all the efforts made in past have seen utmost failure owing to the vested interests of few countries including the US, Russia,iran and KSA.

Conclusively, Instead of using warring parties as proxies, the US and Russia should make dedicated and unflinching efforts to end the pain, suffering and plight of the natives of Syria. This is only possible when these foreign forces are withdrawn from the region and the US and Russia stopped supporting proxies playing in Syria. The problem of Syria requires urgent solution because of the fact that more than three lacs of population have been killed. Moreover, whole world is very much scary and apprehensive of the unprecedented rise of isis and its cohorts in Middle East. All energies and material must be used to eliminate this notorious organization from the Syrian region.