Karachi: The members of the civil society, Lawyers, political and social figures have held PPP’s local leadership responsible for the corruption of billions of rupees in Malir district.

The speakers at a a seminar under the tile of ” Population changes and New Socio political realities of Malir” said that because of PPP’s corrupt local leaders the people of Malir District are deprived of basic necessities like health, education & availability  of pure drinking water.

While addressing the at the seminar social activist Karamat Ali said ” In the new era of science and technology the people of Malir are living far behind. They have no drinking water since years. It has been 8 years of experiencing a democratic government but unfortunately it has not taken care of the people  here.

PPP’s Local party leaders have looted all development money its a huge corruption and not only in Malir but all over the province. Said Karamat

Well know lawyer Riaz Lund said that Malir is a hostorical district and instead of promoting love and peace the politicians have divided people with hatred.

only capitalists issues get resolved at PPP’s offices, commoners seek no resolution to the problems they voted for to get rid.

He said” beacuse of two major floods, the people have migrated in large number here. This migration has caused an increase in population ratio.  PPP must bring changes in their Malir leadership and responsibility must be given to the youth who are truthful to the people.

Younis Khaskheli spoke about the problems of fisherman and told the audience that people are being forced to migrate from their old villages. He said ” they forcefully vacated people from Hawksbay and now trying to kick poor fisherman out of Ibrahim hyderi & Rerhi areas of Karachi.

The trade union representative Shafi Gori criticised the industrial injustice with workers. He called the political leadership a failure for the people of Malir.

The other speakers almost higlighted the same issues in the seminar and said that the land of local residents is being occupied by Bahria Town and other land mafias in the area with political support.

The seminar was attended by hudteds of Participants from all walks of life. The other speakers include Dr Riaz Shaikh, Dean at SZABIST social Science faculty, PTI Leader Nisar Aiwan and orhers also spoke about the issues.