Karachi: Inspector General Sindh AD Khuwaja is forced to exit by the Chief Minister Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah. This was expected days before as the insiders call it a result of exchange of harsh words between Anwar Majeed, a well known man of importance for PPP’s co- Chief Asif Ali Zardari.

This news has sparked a big debate on social media specially facebook users in sindh.

well known analyst and Lawyer Mr Shahab Usto posted on his wall “AD Khawaja’s forced exit!

Is he corrupt, inefficient or rogue?
Then why remove him in just 9 months?
He was not ready to be a ‘kamdar’?
Should a public servant be a kamdar of these tinpot kings and their cronies?

His removal has indeed exposed the new CM— his powers, if not intents!

His removal also shows which way the winds will blow in the days and months to come until the next elections, as already all the vulturous droves are coming together under the PPP’s umbrella to swoop on the prey–the poor electorates of 2018 elections!

I think it is also a moment of truth for those of our ‘intellectuals’ and ‘leading lights of civil society’, who find it rather ‘expedient’ to keep their fences mended with the representatives / ministers of this government in the hope of ‘salvaging’ Sindh!

I have long believed that until our intellectuals and members of civil society come out in their full force to resist the illegalities and immoralities of this ruling clique, we have no cause to call ourselves men of letters, let alone conscientious objectors!”

Journalist Shoukat Zardari Tweeted from New York ” AD Khuwaja’s forced exit is a clear evidence that Zardari has no value of merit, Police must go for protest”

PTI social media man Farhan Khan Virk tweeted “Reportedly Influential Sugar Barron Anwar Majeed aka AG is the reason for sending #IGSindh home. AG has links to the “Royal Family” of Sindh”

Many commoners not only cursed Anwar Majeed and Zardari but a big question is also being raised on the social media that is their any Democracy in Sindh or its just a Kingdom of Zardari?