Warsaw:(Web Desk, Reuters Photo) Protestors have gathered outside the Polish parliament where opposition is continuing its sit-in that started on friday against the possible barrier for journalists to enter the Parliament.

The President Duda is due to meet the opposition today. He belongs to the ruling party but has offered to mediate on the matter.

A group of journalists have already meet the speaker on Saturday with an undecided conclusion on the rules. They believe that something might be avhieved on the next meeting due on Monday.

The Polish prime minister beata Szydlo seemed unhappy with oppositions protest and called it “scandalous” in a Televised interview.

The opposition MP’s say thay the governing Law & Justice party wants to stifle media.

This is for the first time since restoration of democracy in 1989 that such rules have been voted in the parliament.

As per the rules only 5 Selective Tv stations are allowed to record or broadcast parliament sessions. This also includes the entry of selective journalists in the parliament.