USAID’s Rs 20m go waste on John F Kennedy course for Sindh’s self proclaimed three educationists

By: Aftab Channa

KARACHI: While making no use of costly three weeks special training course, former Sindh’s secretary education and his blue-eyed officials have misused Rs20 million of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

The USAID had requested the secretary education to nominate at least three senior educationists who have showed extra ordinary performance in the field of education.

However, when it was known that the training for a period of three weeks would be held in John F Kennedy, an affiliated college of world famous Harvard University in Boston, then the secretary education along with his two additional secretaries filled up their own forms and preferred to personal visit despite the fact that all these people have no genuine field experience in education, insiders told SindPost.

Bypassing all the criteria, former secretary education Dr Fazalullah Pechuho along with his blue-eyed officials including Additional Secretaries Rehan Iqbal Baloch and Aalia Shahid nominated themselves for the educational training which was actually meant for candidates who have excelled in the field of education and serve education sector in future as well.

The USAID has allocates at least Rs 30 million annually for the training programs for educationists of Sindh, however, this year, not a single educationist has been nominated, which is sheer injustice with senior educationists of the province of Sindh.

“The secretary and additional secretaries proved themselves as senior educationists at the time of interview before the USAID team which is a heinous crime as the senior official of the Sindh government misled the donor agency just for the trip”, sources observed.

The secretary education, Fazalullah Pechuho and additional secretary Rehan Iqbal Baloch boarded a flight for the United States on July 19, 2016 while Additional Secretary Aalia Shahid flew to the US on July 23, 2016.

With such attitude of the officers of the Sindh education department, a wave of anger is prevailing amongst the educationists as they were expecting that some genuine people would take benefit of the training however this time too the merit was ignored by the Sindh’s authorities.

Abdul Wahab Abbasi, senior educationist and former Director Education told SindPost that former secretary education Dr Fazalullah Pechuho, Additional Secretaries Rehan Baloch and Aalia Shahid got sponsorship of Sindh Basic Education Program (SBEP) utilizing their money showing themselves as senior educationists. Are these three officials senior educationist.? How much money of Sindh Education Department have been misused, he questioned.

“This program is not for educationist. But for education managers and USAID has decided it not me”, said Dr Fazalullah Pechuho, former secretary education who has been transfered and posted as Secretary Health.

It must be noted that just three months after attending this program and utilizing USAID grant on personal trip, Mr Pechuho is now transfered from the post and all trainings attended go useless as the post of secretary is a political appointment not the academic.