Texas, Houston: The Sindhi Association of North America’s Election commision have announced the results for the 2017-18 elections.

As per the Results Mr. Mohammad Ali Mahar got 838 votes for the post of president, his opponents Mr Issa Bhurgari secured 466 and Mr Ghuam Nabi Unar managed to get 168 votes out of the total vote cast of 1487 votes.

During elections the candidate for general secretary Mr. Maqsood (Max) Memon run a strong campaign but did not made up to the office. After a tough competition his opponent Mr. Khalid Memon finaly got the office with a difference of 97 more vote. He secured 792 votes against 695 votes of Max Memon.

img_1424The rest of the newly elected executive council include Mr. Ghulam Mohiuddin Memon as Vice President USA, Mr Vishno Ukrani as Vice President Canada, Mr. Zakir Bullo as information secretary, Mr. Hasnain Shaikh as treasurer, Mr. Mumtaz Langah as Joint secretary, Mrs. Irshad Abbasi as VP women affairs and Ms. Komal Bhutto as VP youth affairs.

SANA for the first time managed to introduce the electronic voting system and the members were sent their voting codes through mail.

As per the statement of the election commission of SANA out of 1674 registered members, 1487 members casted their vote for their favorite candidates,l. This number makes it a turnout of 89%.

The highest number of vote cast was observed in the state of Texas where 369 out of 412 cast their vote.