Karachi: (By Gulshan Shaikh) The life of the members of provincial assembly of Sindh, supporting minorities  bill is in danger and to safeguard them a letter is written to the Inspector General of Sindh police and home department of sindh by special secretary of the Sindh assembly Mr Shafi Mohammad.

image imageIn the letter Mr Shafi has shown his concerns about the possible threats to the MPA’s who are also members of the standing committee for minorities affairs.

In the letter it is mentioned that senior minister Nisar Khuhro,  MPA Lal Chand, MPA Giyanchand,MPA Khato Mal, MPA  Mahesh Kumar, MPA Shamim Mumtaz, MPA Nand Kumar, Poonjo Bhel, MPA Shazia Javed, MPA Nafees Mukhtiar, Arif Masih Bhatti, MPA Waqar Shah, Deewan chand Chawla and Secretary AB Narejo can possible be targeted by the extremists.

Mr Shafi has demanded and additional security for the said members and the Assembly.