Karachi: The main culprit of Baldia factory Rahman Bhola has accepted  to the JIt that he & his friend named Zubair Chariya planned the  Baldia factory deadly fire incident , which took 260 lives of workers working inside.

He revealed that Hamad Sidiqi of MQM ordered to put factory in flames as the owners were not ready to pay 250 million rupees of demanded extortion money. sources told Sindh Post.

He said that after the incident, the extortion money amounting 58.8 million was paid to two of the prominent political figures of the Mutahida Qomi Movement.

He also confessed his supervision of many target killers linked with the same party.

Baldia factory carnage is one the most painful incident in the history of Karachi city. Where 260 persons were burnt alive to death in September 2012z