Karachi: The IBA Sukkur’s testing mechanism weaknesses are unearthed through a strong evidence received by the Sindh Post.
A candidate for the education department’s monitoring assistant examination is found to have dual residence certificates, did appear in a written test conducted by IBA Sukkur.

As per the evidence, Mr Kashif Ansari having seat number 20122, first appeared in the test conducted in Larkana on January 3, 2016, submitted his domicile from Jacobabad and could not pass the test. Later he appeared for the same post in department  on December 4,2016 by submitting an allegedly fake domicile from district west Karachi and was declared pass in the later

Another case of same kind has also come to the front in which candidate Mr Asif Shaikh under seat number 14422 also used two domiciles from Matiari & Jamshoro.

After these revelations the meritorious youth of Sindh is more worried as the nepotism & favoritism is a big issue.

The institute of Business administration Sukkur is known as one of the prestigious institutes in the province but such kind of scandals may put the credibility of the IBA under suspicion.


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  2. IBA Sukkur is a reputable institute, after appearing such issue questionable position of the institute. it is necessary for IBA Sukkur’s administration for clarification…. Asghar Azad

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